Winter 2023

Practice Updates

On behalf of the Long Street Dental team, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful patients for placing your trust and confidence in our abilities for another year. We’ve welcomed a few new patients and sadly lost a few much-loved faces. We are extremely busy at the moment and currently have a waiting list for all new patients which we will be reviewing in the New Year.

Local Roadworks

Wessex Water have started the major two-year roadworks project in Devizes. So far, we’ve found that patients have reported minimal impact to travel times and parking. The roadworks on Long Street are also underway, and we are informing patients at appointment reminder calls and on our Facebook page.

Staff News

We’d like to congratulate Helen Dolman for her Long Service Award in the Devizes Town Council 2022 Annual Civic Awards. The award is in recognition of over 40 years of service carried out at Long Street Dental. Helen started her career as a dental nurse for Bob Simpson and is now the Practice Manager. We are very lucky, she is an incredible asset to the practice.

Congratulations are also in order to Laura Webb for passing all her dental nursing exams. She is now fully qualified after 2 years of hard work in surgery and studying during her evenings and weekends.

Most of you will also have met Jess by now, who has been with us on Reception for over a year and can also be found wearing scrubs on days she’s manning the Decontamination Room.

We’ve welcomed a few new staff members to the Long Street Dental team. On Reception, Tamsin left us in November to start her maternity leave and has been replaced by Ella who joined us for the year until she starts university next September. Within the nursing team, we sadly said goodbye to Siobhan and welcome Amanda, an experienced dental nurse who has recently relocated back to the UK from Malta.

Implants at Long Street Dental

Dr Manuel Branco joined the practice in July 2022 and has settled in very well. He graduated from the University of Lisbon in 2011 and over the past 12 years has continued his post- graduation education whilst working in Wales, South Bristol and Wiltshire. Most recently in 2022 Manuel completed his training in dental implants and has been treating his patients at the practice, as well as accepting referrals from other colleagues.

If this is something you have been considering for a while we are delighted this is a service we can now offer at Long Street Dental. Please call or email if you’d like to book a consultation with Manuel to discuss the suitability for you and costs.

Medical Conditions and Appointments

When you attend appointments with your dentist or hygienist they will ask you about your medical history – that is, any medical conditions or allergies you have, any treatments or operations you are having or had and your list of medications. Some medical conditions and drugs can affect your oral health, as well as the treatment we can offer and the materials used by the dental team.

Not every operation or medical condition will be important, but sometimes things that you may not realise can affect how we are able to treat you, such as:

Warfarin – If you are having a tooth out or surgery, we may advise you to change how to take these drugs to avoid the risk of bleeding. Your hygienist will also ask for the date and reading of your last INR check and require this to be completed within 48 hours of the appointment.

Hip / Knee Replacement – Dental treatments and hygiene appointments must be at least 3-6 months after surgery. To treat between 3 and 6 months post op we require patients to check with their surgeon first and to provide a letter to the practice.

Heart Attack and Stroke – Hygiene appointments postponed for at least 6 months.

Cancer Patients – We are unable to treat any patients who are on chemotherapy until 6 months after treatment. If you are taking chemotherapy tablets, we require a letter from your oncologist or cancer nurse to advise when we can see patients for hygiene appointments.

If in doubt it is much better for the dental team to have all the information so they are able to treat you correctly and without problems. If you have any concerns between appointments please call our friendly Reception team on 01380 723691 who can liaise with your dentist and resolve any queries.

Oral Care Waste Recycling

Sadly, we are no longer able to send our oral care waste collections to ‘Recycle for Wiltshire Air Ambulance’ due to partial closure of the scheme. Please take a moment to look at the new accepted waste posters around the building. We have changed to The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme and can no longer accept toothpaste tubes or packaging but can accept the following items (including TePe brushes – hurray!):
  • Electric Toothbrush heads
  • Manuel toothbrushes
  • Flossing sticks and interdental brushes
  • Electric flosser nozzles
  • Dental floss containers

Was Not Brought – Under 18 Missed Appointments

If you know you will not be able to attend an appointment then please give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we can cancel your appointment and offer your slot to another patient. You can call 01380 723691 or email to change appointments.

If a child (aged 0 – 17 years) misses an appointment we are required to record this as ‘Was Not Brought’. Multiple cancellations or failures to attend will be discussed with the treating clinician and you may lose your NHS place at the dental practice.