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Good news!! We’re happy to say that we will be reopening the practice from this Monday 8th June.

We have been making and will continue to make modifications to the practice and our procedures in line with all the recommendations of the various organisations including Public Health England, British Dental Association and others in order to protect both you and our staff.

Initially, any visits will be for examinations, the assessment of emergencies and urgent problems but we hope to include more routine procedures as soon as PPE becomes available and restrictions on us ease. Obviously, this means a lot of changes initially for us all but rest assured we are still the same people underneath all the PPE!

If you have had appointments postponed whilst we have been closed or you have had been added to our list of people to call due to a problem you have told us about, then rest assured we WILL do so. However, we anticipate that we will be extremely busy on the telephones for several days.

In the meantime, we are still taking calls for any of you that have particular concerns or problems and thank everyone for their patience and kindness towards us during this difficult time.

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